Tuesday, March 18, 2008

How's The Serenity...


Our good friend n0nplus, (who you may know as my housemate Doc) is playing a set at Opposition Painkiller. He will be playing a mix of his own tracks, as well as those of others. Get into your best medical themed fancy dress and come down for some audio surgery. See the flyer below for details.
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n0nplus - In Your Wake (Lying Right Next To Me Remix)


Vestax VCM-600 Ableton Live Controller

Vestax are due to release their new midi controller. I’d love get my hands on one of these fancy toys. Hmmm, look at all those knobs and buttons…
Designed with Ableton Live users in mind, the VCM-600 can control 160 parameters of MIDI compliant software.It is set out for sequencing and DJing with six channels. Each channel has its own faders, transpose buttons, an EQ section with cut buttons, and send/returns section. There is also pitch shift buttons, a cross fader and effects section. LED panels on each side of the controller illuminate the controls. It is due to be released mid-2008. It will retail for US$799.
I’d better return to a life skip dipping and prostitution, if I’m going to acquire one of these.

Captain Sensible

Captain Sensible didn't like early mornings or pile drivers, so he wrote this track to express his feelings and came up with this little synth pop gem. It's got damn funky basslines and brit-punk rapping and cutesy school girl backing vocals.

It was released on the 1982 LP Women And Captains First on A&M Records. Captain Sensible was also a founding member of the punk band The Damned. He went on to form The Blah! Party, a political party created to fight tyranny and seagulls.
Captain Sensible - Wot


ESG An amazing family from the Bronx, ESG (Emerald, Sapphire and Gold) were Renee, Valerie and Marie Scroggins, later the band included two of the groups daughters, Chistelle and Nicole.

They released Come Away With ESG in 1983 on 99 Records. They played the opening night of Hacienda in Manchester, as well as the last night of Larry Levan’s Paradise Garage. Grandmaster Flash and Public Enemy are two of many artist to sample ESG and have influenced acts such as Beastie Boys and the amazing LCD Soundsystem.

I originally discovered them on Soul Jazz Records’ New York Noise complilation of 2003. Come Away is fantastic album, with the track Dance being of particular note, getting bottoms wiggling and ears smiling. Motown crossed with the Bronx. The Scroggins sisters are still ruling.
“The mixture. Has the cerebral musicality of jazz mixed with the visceral groove of funk”.
ESG -Dance


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