Sunday, May 25, 2008

Swamp Music

Hello Friends and Enemies,
Firstly my must apologise for my hiatus from Disco Intro. I have been living it up in Byron Bay. Land of the rich and beautiful and the poor and smelly. I tried to do updates from a interweb cafe, but the thought of fighting through the masses of tiny euro's with over-sized backpacks was to much for me. But now I am plugged in again, there should be more regular posts coming your way, as well as some shameless promotion of our upcoming cabaret show. Now let's see what music I have discovered lately...


I discovered Spoonbill while in Nimbin for the Mardi Grass Law Reform rally a few weeks back. Spoonbill's electronica is a psychedelic collection of beats and uniquley Australian samples. You can see Spoonbill this coming weekend (30Jun08) at BushCatZ, which is a three day event held in Northern New South Wales. He will also be playing at the UTS Loft Bar Thursday 5th June, for the Gourmet Scavenger album launch. And the Cairns Winter Solstice Festival June 20 -23.
Here's a track from Spoonbill's 2004 album Megafauna.

Spoonbill - Gumtree

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